The 10 Best HIIT Workout Apps

If you could achieve more with your workout sessions by doing less, would you jump on such a training? Did you know that you could spend less time working out but still get the body you desire? Imagine losing as much body weight  as you want without having to stress yourself too much. Before we get to that let us first discuss the importance of regular exercise.

Regular fitness exercises and workout will benefit your well-being and lower your chances of complications such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. It will improve your health both now and in the future. More importantly, exercising daily, will help you live a better life. (1) 

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) forced many local gyms to shut down, many of us gym-goers had to adapt and change the way we work out. Like many people out there, I too turned to fitness apps, and let me tell you, I tried them all! In my quest and search of the best HIIT workout apps, I found ten (10) that I would recommend to my personal clients.

This article will show you everything I found when searching for the right HIIT workout app. I’ll outline the pros and cons of each, pricing, quality of fitness instructors and how good the workouts actually are.

Top 5 Best HIIT Apps To Use For Training

#1: Obé Fitness9.9/10HERE
#2: Fitbod9.8/10HERE
#3: FitOn9.7/10HERE
#4: NEOU Fitness9.6/10HERE
#5: Freeletics9.5/10HERE

#1: Obé Fitness App

This is a subscription-based fitness app that is only available to US and Canadian residents. It involves streaming live training sessions and working out with other virtual users. The training sessions are scheduled according to the users’ availability, with flexible workout programs which offer about five (5) training classes for each individual every week. 

These training classes are made up of strength exercises and cardio workouts. The system is flexible, as users determine when they want to work out. 

Activities include Yoga, dancing, meditation, kids exercises, as well as HIIT workouts. Obé’s HIIT program helps individuals burn fat faster while giving them time to recover from the short but intense sessions.

Obé courses are suitable for people of all skill levels. There is no need for equipment if you are just getting started. However, as you progress, you may want to up your game with some equipment. 


  • Live streaming sessions with fellow users make the experience feel like a real-life gym session.
  • Users can save sessions for later.
  • Users can exercise whenever they want to and still benefit from the program’s resources.
  • Like-minded community.


  • Only available to people living in the US or Canada.

#2: Fitbod Training App

Fitbod creates a daily workout that is exclusive to you. A fitness routine that is specifically structured to drive you to your limits.

Fitbod’s fitness algorithm analyses your intensity capacity, analyses your previous routines, and adapts to the fitness equipment you have on hand to create your personalized workout plan.

The app uses proven industry techniques to fill in the sets, reps, and weights for each workout.

It also adjusts to driving you a little further in your next session as you get better or master workouts.

Fitbod’s advanced software is customized to your routines based on a set of influences, while still guaranteeing that no muscle group is overlooked.

Following your first pair of training sessions, Fitbod will start to study and understand your resistance training capability, optimize your fitness progress and smartly organize workouts between sessions at different intensities and volume. By combining your core exercises with fresh exercises and maximizing the use of your readily accessible fitness equipment, the app keeps your routines fresh and fun.


  • Personalized workout sessions.
  • Top-Notch Progress Tracking.
  • Improve your workout results faster.
  • Accessible to users globally.
  • Affordable plan.


  • No coaches to motivate users or help track progress.

#3: FitOn Training App

FitOn’s unique communal environment allows you to engage with fitness friends both within and beyond your training, straight from your smartphone. This makes training more inspiring and enjoyable. The platform helps you train on your schedule, whether you’d like to lose weight, build muscle, or simply exercise.

You do not need to purchase expensive equipment. What’s more? The app offers unlimited live classes and training resources. You can connect to your TV and transform your space into a temporary workout station.

Commonly attended workout classes include: Workouts for cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, pilates, prenatal and postnatal women training, and many more are available.

You can search for a range of category styles, spans, and levels with ease.

The app offers customized workout plans that are tailored to your specific needs.


  • Live streaming sessions with fellow users.
  • Personalised workout schedule.
  • Like-minded community.
  • Unlimited free membership and resources.


  • No coaching.

#4: NEOU Fitness App

NEOU is a fitness platform that provides live streaming as well as health information and insights from more than 100 best classes and trainers.

These are accessible from any mobile, tablet, device, or television. There is really something for everyone, with thousands of classes for all muscular endurance varying from basic training to Yoga, dance, diet, and even children. 

Keep yourself motivated with organized workouts and tests, chart your success, and win badges for reaching fitness goals. Depending on your priorities and interests, NEOU will also select the most suitable courses, teachers, and services for you.


  • Personalised workout sessions.
  • Live streaming sessions
  • Accessible to users globally.
  • Affordable plan.
  • Accessible via multiple devices


  • No pre-recorded sessions.
  • No community.

#5: Freeletics App

This is a subscription-based fitness app that is available to users globally. Like the others, it involves streaming live training sessions and working out with other virtual users. Freeletics offers a customized coaching session for their users.

 The coaches construct a personalized workout plan for users to follow.

Freeletics shows their concern for users’ overall wellness by including custom meal plans for users. This helps with the training process as users can follow up sessions with a unique meal plan. Making it easier to focus on weight loss or muscle building.

Freeletics has a database of over 50 million training athletes who help to improve users’ fitness plan.

The platform develops custom workout plans that help individuals with specific needs. These include HIIT sessions, Yoga and equipment-free workout routines.


  • Personalized workout sessions.
  • Live streaming sessions
  • Accessible to users globally.
  • Affordable plan.
  • Live coaches.


  • No defined progress tracking system.
  • Multiple subscriptions.

HIIT App Buying Guide: What Is High-Intensity Interval Training?

High-intensity interval training is a type of strength training that involves combining short bouts of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense rest intervals before you’re too tired to go any further.

HIIT workouts are immensely successful for losing weight, which is among the main reasons they’re so famous. While looking to shed weight, you would want to burn fat while still building lean muscle so you can keep burning fat. HIIT forces the body to burn fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. This improves the efficiency of fat loss.

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, helps you to stay fit even when you don’t have the time. If you only have a few moments to spare, HIIT can replace going to the gym. These applications include everything you could want to really get you going, sweaty, and staying active.

The best HIIT apps include fun, varied exercises, easy-to-follow directions, and plenty of bonuses. Some of the best HIIT apps were ranked based on user feedback, consistency, and overall reliability.

You can choose one to begin your daily training and exercise.  If you’re not sure about which one is right for your body and overall well being, consult your physician first.

What Are The Benefits of HIIT?

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) burns a lot more calories in a short period.

  • HIIT workouts are typically much shorter than standard workout routines. Although, each training can last up to 30 minutes.
  • This is because HIIT helps you to lose approximately the same number of calories when training in a shorter period.

Your metabolism is enhanced for several hours after your workout.

  • HIIT will speed up your metabolism for hours after you train because of the strength of the workout. And when you’ve done exercising, you’ll lose more calories as a result of this.

It Has the Potential to Aid Fat Loss 

  • HIIT has been shown in studies to aid fat loss.
  • Also, with a much shorter time commitment, high-intensity intervals will achieve fat burning comparable to conventional endurance training. They can also help with unhealthy visceral fat reduction.

HIIT may help you build muscle.

  • HIIT can help some people gain muscle mass in addition to weight burning. Weight training is still the most common way to gain muscle mass, although high-intensity bursts may sustain a modest amount of muscle development.
  • If you do not actively train, beginning HIIT will help you build muscle, but not as much as weight training.

HIIT Will Help You Get More Oxygen

  • The capacity of your muscles to use oxygen is referred to as oxygen consumption. Resistance training is commonly used to increase oxygen consumption.
  • Typically, this entails long periods of consistent running or biking.
  • HIIT, on the other hand, seems to achieve the same results in a shorter period.
  • Even if you just exercise for half as long as conventional resistance training, high-intensity interval exercise will ensure oxygen consumption just as much.
  • It can lower heart rate and blood pressure.

HIIT can also have significant well-being benefits.

  • HIIT can lower blood pressure and heart rate, particularly in people who are overweight or obese and who suffer from high blood pressure.
  • It has been shown in a significant number of studies to lower heart rate and blood pressure in overweight and obese people who frequently have high blood pressure.

HIIT activities lasting less than three months can help lower blood sugar levels.

  • HIIT, on the other hand, appears to increase insulin tolerance, according to studies. Even more so than conventional intense workouts in healthy people. 

Should I Use HIIT?

People who wish to lower blood sugar and insulin resistance can benefit from high-intensity interval training. These changes have been observed in both diabetic and non-diabetic people.

Exercising is helpful to keep the body and mind safe. However, due to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, you can find it hard to incorporate a proper workout routine. HIIT is a great way to get all of the advantages of exercise in 30 minutes or less.

Keep it in mind, though, that doing a rigorous workout like HIIT every day or for more than 30 minutes will lead to an increased risk of fracture, overtraining psychological exhaustion, and muscle recovery.

Since your body is unique, pay attention to what seems like a challenge while avoiding overexertion. Begin with shortened high-intensity periods and lengthy low-intensity periods if you’re a beginner to HIIT training, and gradually build up.

Importance Of Regular Training and Exercising

There are many health benefits of staying fit, exercising or training regularly. Among these benefits are:

  • Lower the chances of going into cardiac arrest.
  • Improve your weight management
  • Lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Type 2 diabetes and certain cancers are reduced.
  • Regulate blood pressure.
  • Have healthier bones, muscles, and joints.
  • Reduce the chances of falling.
  • Recovery from bed rest is improved.
  • An improved mood, a healthier state of mind, and peaceful sleep.

Did you know that exercising helps improve your mental health? 

You may have noticed –that is, if you exercise– that your worries seem less frightful, your mood improves, and you feel a surge of positive energy whenever you exercise? If you haven’t noticed, practice mindfulness when you work out. If you’re a couch potato and don’t bother about working out, now’s a good time to begin to claim all the good stuff you’ve been missing out on.

Here Are Ways Exercising Improves Mental Health.

Some researchers have discovered that workout helps manage depression. There are several opinions about how exercise helps individuals suffering from depression. Therefore practice physical activity if you’re prone to be depressed, anxious or sad.

Training can inhibit detrimental thought processes or divert attention from everyday concerns. If you’re prone to having neurotic thoughts that spoil your mood and disturb your mental peace, try exercising daily. You’ll notice a change for the better.

Regularly exercising with others allows you to make more social relationships and connections with other people. Contracts have been sealed by friendly handshakes. You just might meet your next client or employer at the gym.

Improved overall exercise can elevate and enhance your mood.

Exercising can help regulate your hormonal imbalance.

If you’re a busy professional or just don’t have the time to go to the gym, you can always use an alternative means of working out. 

Bottom Line

If you’re not going to be attending a gym or getting a personal trainer, you should think about using an efficient training app to begin your HIIT program.

A good app that includes most of the characteristics of HIIT training apps can help you get the most out of training while ensuring that you do not overexert yourself. 

Of the five apps mentioned, FitOn is clearly the most optimal. It offers virtually all the features included in other apps but for free! 

With FitOn, you get the best fitness and workout training experience at no cost at all. So, if getting fit is something you’re passionate about, download the FitOn app, and HITT off your training with it!