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FitBod Weightlifting App Review

As a newbie in weightlifting, it will be intimidating to watch people in the gym move from one equipment to another, exceptionally sure of what they want from their bodies, and without hesitation, go through their programs every day.

Sometimes, those who seem unsure about certain exercises become quite good at them while you constantly miss days of weight lifting, majorly because you don’t know how to form the right workout programs for your fitness goal. You could have approached a fitness guru, but their prices are not encouraging. The fitness long-timers in the gym won’t help because they don’t chit-chat when working out not to mention you feel intimidated by their success and progress.

You don’t have to pay a fitness guru or take notes from gym long-timers when you have the FitBod App on your mobile device.

What is FitBod App?

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FitBod App is a mobile device application that helps you get your desired fitness goal by tailoring your workout plan to your personalized need while it puts into consideration the available gym equipment and your level of fitness.

FitBod uses its artificial intelligence learns your fitness level and ability by keeping track of your previous workouts and with the data it has recorded, it helps you to design an efficient workout plan that fits only you to help you achieve your fitness goal.

It is a fitness tracking and workout plan design app that not only customizes your workout plan, the FitBod app also pushes you to do more than you used to – all with the aim of achieving that set fitness goal. The FitBod app achieves this by using its algorithm to study your progress in workouts and with this data, it presents exercises to you with more sets, repetitions, and volume to keep challenging those muscles.

Is FitBod Worth It?

Considering the premium that newbies are required to pay in relation to the value they get from the workout plans they get from most self-acclaimed fitness gurus, FitBod app is worth more than you can hope for.

If you’re to be a member of a gym, you’ll have to pay a price monthly, quarterly, or annually. Even though the gym might have trainers on ground, you may not have the same trainer attend to you every time. When this happens, you have different trainers with their different ideas and approaches cramped into your fitness routine which could end up being counter-productive.

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However, with FitBod app, you have just one trainer, the app, and you have no worries about contradicting ideas that will jeopardize your success and improvement, regardless of your fitness goal. With the FitBod app constantly adapting and changing your workout programmes in accordance to your fitness improvement, you have the best fitness companion you can ever ask for.

How Much Does FitBod Cost?

FitBod is a subscription-based fitness service app that is available on free trial for every new user after download from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or FitBod Website.  There is no free version of the app and once the free trial period elapses, you will want to subscribe to FitBod App’s services on a monthly or yearly basis.

Monthly, it will cost you less than $10 ($9.99 to be exact) to use the FitBod app and $59.99 annually, if you prefer the yearly subscription plan.

What Kinds of Workout Does FitBod Do?

On the FitBod app, you will come across different exercises that are generic to any fitness program and at the same time, there are exercises that are specific to certain programs. As your fitness level increases, the app will present new exercises that fit your level, and help you achieve your fitness objective.

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FitBod app sets you up for cardio exercises without equipment as you can easily do the various plyometric exercises such as squat jumps, burpees, explosive push-ups and other simpler body weight exercises such as the conventional squats, jumping jacks, star jumps, and push-ups, in the comfort of your home.

However, if you need to use some equipment, FitBod contains exercises such as chest flyes that involve using the flye machine in the gym; leg curls and other leg exercises using the smith machine. These exercises can be used for strength training, endurance training, and can be incorporated into HIIT programs.

For powerlifters, FitBod contains different compound exercises such as squats of different variations, bench press, shoulder press, barbell row, pull-ups, and many more. It also keeps you in your fitness category, be it powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, strength training, aerobic training, or high intensity interval training by giving you exercises in a determined number of sets, repetitions, and volume that is peculiar to your preferred workout category.

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Is FitBod For Olympic Weightlifters Only?

Despite its benefit to weightlifters and strength trainers, FitBod app is for every class of fitness. It is so excellent in its custom-tailored workout plan preparation that a beginner cannot have an exercise of the same volume, sets, and reps as an intermediate fitness aficionado.

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The category for Olympic weightlifters is a no-go-area for fitness beginners. FitBod app builds your experience and forms in the novice stage till you are ready to use the Olympic weightlifter’s category. In essence, FitBod app is not for Olympic weightlifters only, it is for every level of fitness and exercising.

Customer Reviews: What Are FitBod Users Saying About the App?

Majority of FitBod app users are satisfied with the user interface as it is easy to use. They are also impressed by how they can choose the exercises they want to do, depending on their level of fitness, the equipment they have, and the time they have to sacrifice.

While some are excited that they do not need equipment for most of the exercises they choose, others are happy that it keeps track of their weightlifting progress.

However, there are some customers who are unsatisfied about the fact that it doesn’t correctly label the muscle group each exercise targets.

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Should I Try FitBod For Weight Lifting Help?

Regardless of your abundance or lack of equipment, the FitBod app will help you program your workout while considering the equipment you have. If you intend to do weight lifting, consider using the FitBod app, especially as a beginner, as it shows you the right form to do the exercises, thereby reducing the possibility of injuries.